Our history
Haliéus, a non-profit association, is the system structure of Legacoop (National League of Cooperatives and Mutuals) for international development cooperation. Haliéus contributes to sustainable development at the international level by promoting the cooperative business model as a tool for empowering individuals and communities. Founded in 2005 on the initiative of Legacoop's fisheries sector, the Association now carries out international cooperation initiatives that enhance the experience and expertise of the more than 10,000 cooperative enterprises associated with Legacoop in the various economic sectors: from agriculture to fisheries, from consumption to welfare and from fair trade to sustainable tourism, just to name a few.
Our Mission
By supporting the cooperative model in partner countries, and by fostering the exchange of experiences and synergy with Italian cooperative enterprises, Haliéus' action is inspired by cooperative values and principles, in particular by implementing Principles No. 6 and No. 7. Cooperatives serve their members in the most efficient way and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local and national, regional and international structures. Commitment to the community. Cooperatives work for the sustainable and durable development of their communities through policies approved by their members.
Supported Cooperatives